Sustainability in IT Recycling

Sustainable Asset Disposal Solutions

At Asset Lifecycle Solutions (ALS), sustainability is not merely an afterthought – it is deeply woven into our mission and our every day operations. Our belief in the crucial role that re-utilisation of IT equipment plays in environmental conservation, drives our commitment to providing sustainable solutions for our clients.


An impact on our environment

Every year in the UK, it is estimated that around 2 million tons of electronic waste, including IT equipment, is disposed of, with a significant portion ending up in landfil.

This figure is not only alarming but also represents a significant lost opportunity to conserve resources and mitigate climate change.

At ALS, we are determined to transform this wasteful trend by giving IT equipment a new lease of life and promoting the benefits of re-using IT equipment.

Partnership and Progress with Liverpool University

Our commitment to achieving real sustainability has been further demonstrated by our recent partnership with Liverpool University.

Working together, we have successfully mapped our Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of our environmental impact.

How It Works?

Scope 1

Scope 1 covers our direct emissions such as those produced by our own vehicles.

Scope 2

Scope 2 involves indirect emissions from the generation of electricity we use.

Scope 3

Scope 3 emissions are other indirect emissions in our value chain, including upstream and downstream emissions.

Sustainability, what’s in it for you?

With the help of our detailed emission data, we have been able to elevate our service to a whole new level.

This means that we are now able to provide our clients with a comprehensive Sustainability Report after each collection.

This report doesn’t just quantify the C02e equivalent generated in collecting and processing the equipment, but it also illustrates the net saving in C02e that has been made by NOT discarding unwanted IT equipment into landfill.

Through these reports, we allow you, our customer to see the tangible, positive impact you are making on the environment.

It’s a win for you and a win for the environment, we sure you’ll agree that when you choose ALS, you’re choosing a partner in sustainability.


Navigating Scope 3 Obligations Together

Understanding and accurately reporting Scope 3 emissions is a complex but necessary undertaking for any organisation that is committed to transparency and sustainability like we are. At ALS we are able to provide you with the tools and the data you need to do this.

Your Sustainability Report will include data that provides clear insights into the carbon savings you will have achieved by choosing to repurpose your IT equipment, instead of sending it to landfill.

Our reporting system, developed in partnership with Liverpool University, provides data that is accurate, complete and can be relied upon to confidently report your own Scope 3 emissions.

Contact us to find out how we can help you to navigate Scope 3 emissions and continue your commitment to a sustainable future.

Join us in our mission to reimagine IT lifecycle solutions and create a more sustainable future for all.

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