Certified ITAD Services 

Certified to the highest level

Security accreditations are an absolute must in the IT asset disposal industry, but for ALS, we wouldn’t settle for anything less than the highest achieveable level. We want to make sure that when you hand over your unwanted IT to us, that you feel nothing but total peace of mind. We have the processes, protocols and skills in place to safeguard your data because we know it matters.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials

This accreditation demonstrates best practice in cybersecurity.

Cyber Essentials


Ensures the secure handling of electronic devices containing payment card data.

Cyber Essentials

Environment Agency

Regulating the environmental impact of IT recycling.

Cyber Essentials


The ICO approved GDPR certification scheme that governs the IT disposal industry.

Cyber Essentials

Certus Partner

Certus, an independently approved wiping software.

Cyber Essentials

ICO Registered

Demonstrating our compliance with data protection

Cyber Essentials

ISO 9001

Adopting the ISO standards for quality management.

Cyber Essentials

ISO 14001

Adopting the ISO standards for environmental management.

Cyber Essentials

ISO 27001

Adopting the ISO standards for information security management.

Cyber Essentials


A Setyl partner for asset tracking and management.

ADISA Certified ITAD

ADISA are the ICO approved GDPR certification scheme that governs the IT disposal industry. ADISA is mapped to law which is evidence of GDPR compliance. With over 200 assessment criteria, you can be assured that if your ITAD is certified, like we are, that they have gone through a rigorous, and UKAS accredited process.

ALS – ADISA Certified with Distinction

Asset Lifecycle Solutions has passed the ADISA Standard 8.0 certification process with distinction to Data Impact Assurance Level 3. ¬†We hope this goes some way to show how seriously we take data security and we’d like to explain to you further exactly what this means for you.

IT Repair

What does DIAL 3 mean?

As an ADISA certified ITAD, ALS are certified to ADISA Data Impact Assurance Level 3, which is the highest possible security level achieveable. ADISA and the ICO worked together to develop a data security process to help manage the risk around your data.

How do you know what level of service you require?

By following the steps below and completing a simple questionnaire, you (the data controller) can determine what level of service you require, DIAL 1, 2 or 3. Level 3 being the highest level of risk. You should then only use an ITAD that meets, or exceeds, your DIAL level.

You will be presented with the following questions…

1. What is the level of threat to your business?

2. What is the level of risk that you are willing to accept, or attitude to risk?

3. What is the volume and type of data that you handle?

4. What would be the impact to your business if you were to have a breach?

Depending on the answers to those questions, your organisation would fall into one of the following categories; DIAL 1, DIAL 2 or DIAL 3. DIAL 3 is the highest of those levels. ALS are certified to DIAL 3, which means we can handle disposals at this level and all levels below it.